Why ?

Most of the institutions that assist the outcasts (rejects of the society; which include homeless people and/or people with very low incomes, victims of human trafficking, orphans, delinquents, ...) rely on the state and/or on donations of the general public. It is clear that this method of funding does not allow the society to aduquatly adress the needs of this target audience. As such, alternative means of funding needs to be found. The most appropriate means to accomplish this is to make the institutions themselves generate revenue, and as such become financially independant.

Having the institutions in the network attain income is in a large extend dependant on the ideas and personal input of the individuals within it. Basically, the idea is that the method of operation is changed from the institutions supplying housing and food without compensation to the outcasts to supplying housing and food to them in return for service. This "service" would be anything that generates revenue for the institution. The method of operation is hence very similar as to the method of operation used at Dignity village.

In addition to finding sources of income, thorough analysis of (i.e. energy audit), aswell as actual changes to, the buildings owned by the institutions must occur, and the people living within the building should also adopt an ecologic lifestyle. This allows to reduce the operational costs of the institutions drastically, ensures a constant availability of power for the institution, and also reduces the ecologic footprint of the institution.

Besides providing financial security to the institutions themselves, and an ecologic benefit, there are additional advantages for the society:
* as excess power is generated by the institutions, it helps out to foresee the homes of other people of power. This is especially useful in regions where too little power is generated by energy companies, and/or where at certain times of the day, there is no power at all (power outtages)
* excess food may be generated locally and other local services may be provided, providing again benefit to the society